The Independent Order of Vikings holds a bi-annual Grand Lodge Meeting and Convention to tend to the business of the Order.  Each subordinate Lodge elects voting delegates based on their current, active dues-paying membership.  Delegates partner with the Executive Council members to discuss current issues; consider amendments to the IOV Constitution; and elect new Executive Council Members.  The bi-annual Convention is hosted by a subordinate lodge, usually that of the Vice Grand Chief.

The June 2021 Convention will be held in Kenosha, WI, hosted by Vice Grand Chief Rodney Ottum and Sigurd Lodge #30.  Dates will be shared when finalized.  

Many thanks to Ingjald Lodge #65 for hosting the 84th IOV Convention and Grand Lodge Meeting, June 13-15,2019!  Viking delegates from member lodges as far east as Braintree, MA and west as Omaha, NE traveled to Jamestown, NY to participate. The planning committee and Ingjald members coordinated many opportunities for convention attendees to relax, laugh, dance, eat (so much good food!), and spend quality time thinking about the future of the IOV.  It was great for everyone to experience Ingjald’s beautiful Lake Park facility and explore the area around Jamestown.

In attendance were 23 voting delegates; 8 Past Grand Chiefs (two actively serving on Executive Council); 11 additional Executive Council members and many Viking members.  Ten subordinate lodges were represented in total. Together we enjoyed a Chicken Barbeque (Thursday evening), Steak Fry (Friday), and Chief’s Banquet (Saturday).  Adding to the fun were the spirited “Disco Divas” and “Karaoke Kings!”

Ingjald Lodge – Lake Park

During the business portion of the convention, Committee Chairs shared many updates on the various aspects of the IOV (administrative and programs).  In general, IOV is in good standing financially.  Membership has seen a decline for most lodges, and we will need to discuss this more in the future. We talked about wanting a closer connection with Burn Camps across the country and explored how to build those relationships.  Mike Borden from UTG joined us on Friday of convention to review IOV finances and discuss our “exit strategy” from the insurance program.  The agenda was filled with IOV cultural history and tradition, providing a sense of unity and reflection.

Minutes from the Convention will be available after approval by the Executive Council (October 2019).