Leadership & Administration

Independent Order of Vikings is a registered fraternal membership-based organization, led by an Executive Council elected by lodge delegates at the biannual convention.

The Executive Council and lodge delegates (elected by local subordinate lodge membership) comprise the Grand Lodge, which serves as the primary decision-making body for the organization. The Grand Lodge meets every two years during Convention. The Executive Council meets 4 times per year, with designated committees meeting monthly or quarterly.

In summer 2022, IOV went through a merger with GBU Life and is now legally recognized as GBU District 5000. GBU has become the owner of all IOV insurance policies. While IOV maintains its traditional structure, heritage and culture, we must subscribe to the fraternal and district bylaws established by GBU Life.

Members of the 2023-2024 Executive Council are:

  • Rodney Ottum, Grand Chief, Sigurd #30
  • Britt Hichue, Grand Secretary, Linne’ #57
  • Melinda Worden, Past Grand Chief, Ingjald #65
  • Mary Beth Liskey, Grand Treasurer, Linne’ #57
  • Margaret Schaefer, Grand Secretary, Linne’ #57
  • Robin Lynn Grinnell, Fraternal Secretary, Sigurd #30
  • Nancy Conrad, Harald #13
  • Jane Fosberg, Ingjald #65
  • Christopher Jandt, Linne #57
  • Tom Jandt, Linne #57
  • Gary Pothoff, Linne’ #57
  • Jennifer Thissell, Edmund #91
  • Chris Wilks, Linne; #57

Questions about the IOV can be directed to our Executive Council officers through the Contact Form.