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When you join the Independent Order of Vikings you become a member of an organization which will not only provide for the current social needs of you and your family but will also provide for the future needs of your beneficiaries as well.  New members are accepted through the Subordinate Lodges.  (See InquiriesMany activities are available for participant members including but not limited to:  putting on dinners and parties, holding Scandinavian instruction dances, smorgasbords, herring breakfast, junior clubs, bowling, golf, boating, initiation and drill teams, etc.  We would love to list all of the but each Lodge has its specialties.  National dues are only $15 annually plus local membership dues at the subordinate lodge may vary.

If one of our subordinate lodges is in your locality we invite you to visit as our special guest at no obligation.  (See Inquiries)

Here are some of the other great benefits to members:

The Viking Journal: As a member of the IOV you will receive our quarterly newsletter, the Viking Journal ("Vikingen").  You can view it now. (See Viking Journal)  Published since 1899 the Journal is designed to inform its readers of lodge activities and provide news of general Scandinavian interest.

IOV Life Insurance: Life Insurance offered through the Independent Order of Vikings is one of the safest and least expensive life insurance programs in the country.  Because our members in effect are non-salaried insurance sales people our premiums are extremely low compared to larger companies.  Our policies are offered to members between the ages of 0-80 in amounts between $3,000 and $10,000.  Especially attractive are the premiums for our youngest members.   A current $10,000 policy started when the member is one year of age, for example, would cost $5.20 per month. ($5.67 per month for a male). 

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Scholarships: Each year the Independent Order of Vikings provides scholarships to deserving high school students who are members or children of members.  Begun in 1963 the program, which is funded by the generous donations of members, friends and subordinate lodges of the IOV, has steadily increased the number of scholarships awarded each year.

To learn more about benefits please get in touch with us.  We welcome all inquiries.  (See Membership or Inquiries).


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